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Management at JP Marketing

Jamal Parpia – CEO

Jamal Parpia is the founder of JP marketing. He is an SEO consultant in Dallas, Texas that has over 10 years of SEO experience. Jamal worked for some of the top SEO agencies in Texas before starting his own consulting firm. Now he educates other agencies on SEO and how to bring their clients the best results with custom SEO plan. Jamal started by providing SEO for counselors and moved on to other practice such as legal and dental.

Paige – Project Manager

Paige is on of our top project managers which assists in ensuring your SEO campaign is running smoothly.

Zain – Financial Manager

Zain is the finance manager for JP Marketing’s clients. A graduate of UT Austin and experienced in the private practice financial management, he works with clients to determine if they are ready for our services. He will review your application and come up with realistic business goals to ensure that you are getting a maximum ROI. Zain also is our specialist for our legal clients. He assists in ROI measurement when we run our lawyer SEO. We works with criminal defense, personal injury and medical malpractice firms.

Alex – Business Development Director

Alex is the oil in our sales machine. He motivates and inspires our account managers. He teaches them that they are not simply sales consultants but highly valued client liaisons. His experience lies in client experience and satisfaction. He is always looking to organize a motivational company camping trip.


Vic – Lead Developer

Vic has been creating beautiful websites since SEO existed. Due to his years of experience, him and Jamal have perfected the process of launching SEO ready websites that rank on Google immediately. When you are doing SEO in a competitive niche, you need to have the best, fastest and highest converting websites possible.

Mo – Software Developer

When creating the perfect custom SEO plan, sometimes a basic website will not do the trick. When custom software is needed such as APIs, third-party integrations or mobile apps, Mo is the developer to turn to.

Renie – Graphic Designer

A website is more than just throwing together some text, images and titles. You need a nice design to enhance user experience and increase your online conversions. Renie works with our development team to come up with high level website designs that we later turn into SEO machines.


Oziel– SEO Developer

Oziel has a special skillset when it comes to SEO and web development. With expert knowledge on both, he is able to optimize websites an advanced level. He also educates the rest of our developers on how to create sites which as SEO ready.

Amir – Marketing Associate

Every company has a person that does the heavy lifting. Amir is our marketing associate that spends time every day going through your website finding more items to optimize, update, fix and improve. With our SEO plans, we don’t stick you onto a cookie cutter plan. We plan every quarter, every month, every week, every day.


Athul – Lead Copy Writer

Content is King. It has always been King and shall always remain King. Without content there is no SEO. Athul is an awesome content writer that loves to research your industry. Whenever you need a new page on your website, blog or guest post Athul and his team of writers will come up with the perfect piece.

Anne– Copy Writer

Anne has been writing for years and not only has she made this her job but also her passion. She loves thinking outside the box and creating unique content which is more than just “Top 10 tips for 2025”.


Hash – Brand Builder

You may know about Yelp, Yellow Pages and Facebook but do you know about Manta, Hotfrog and Quara? Hash is our local directory and social media expert. He will ensure your data is correct everywhere on the net and help build your brand as we build your SEO.

Fais – Outreach Specialist

When you need to partner with a school or government entitiy, Fais is the person to turn to. With high level SEO strategies in place, we can’t forget how important Fais is with his ability to create powerful connections and relationship with larger organizations for your SEO.

Our Partners:

While we specialize in SEO. We have partners that we work with for other industries such as home improvement, Government, social media and more.

Central Station Technologies

Social Behavior


Global Growth Network

Pop Social