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What is SEO competitor analysis?

The goal of competition analysis is to identify your brand’s major competitor and determine the best strategies for outperforming them. The goal of competition analysis is to assist you understand why your target customer picks their brand and what sort of unique value proposition may entice them to buy from you instead.

Benefits – what tools are used for this?

These tools may be incredibly beneficial in assisting you in understanding your entire industry and where you belong in. Following and evaluating what your competitors do is a simple method to get ideas for enhancing your own marketing strategy and may uncover important ways to differentiate yourself. These tools make a wealth of helpful information about your rivals available to you, which you can then convert into insights to fuel your marketing efforts.


It is a comprehensive competitor research tool that offers insights and statistics on your rivals’ SEO, paid search, social, and content marketing tactics.


AHrefs delivers traffic analytics, backlink information, and rank tracking for SEO strategy. They’ll display a list of the top performing content pieces in your topic area, as well as data on how they perform in terms of traffic, social shares, and backlinks.

Spy Fu

When you search for a domain in Spy Fu, the software will display you every ad placement and keyword they’ve targeted in Google over the last year.


The tool, along with a number of other SEO features, allows you to easily see how your competitors rank for your target keywords and what their backlink profile looks like.

FAQ about Competitor Analysis

How long does a competitor analysis take?

It all depends on the size of your target market and the quality of your study. A preliminary competitor analysis covering direct competition can be completed in a few hours. If you want to utilize more advanced research techniques, such as focus groups or consumer interviews, allow for a longer time frame – up to a month.

Why should you do a competitor analysis?

The goal of a competition analysis is to understand your competitor’s strengths and shortcomings in contrast to your own, as well as to identify a market gap. A competitor analysis is important because it will assist you in determining how to improve your own business strategy.

How often should you do a competitor analysis?

A current competitive study is strongly suggested on a regular basis — and monthly for optimal outcomes.