Client Case Study:
Kenyatta Black Counseling
Increasing Leads Through SEO Optimization

Counseling Practice in Arlington, TX
SEO Case Study July 2020
Plan Time Frame: 16 months
Results:15 new client leads per month
Grew practice from 3 people to 6

How JP Marketing increased
Kenyatta Black’s leads via search engine optimization


This client was previously using a third-party website provider called Therapy Sites. While this was a great solution for creating a website, they needed a way to generate new client leads online from their website and grow their practice.


We helped the client put together a custom website which is built to provide useful information to visitors while also making it easy to get in touch via email, phone, text, and even live chats.

By optimizing their website for their main services such as grief counseling, depressions, stress, anxiety, and PTSD, we were able to help them start ranking on page 1 of Google in their main city.

This increased the amount of views their practice received and thus led to them getting more lead from the website. The plan was to build their website into an asset which worked as a 24/7 lead generator.


There were 530+ people in Kenyatta Black’s area looking for counseling services every month.

We bring in 176 people per month via SEO, which is about 33% of the available traffic.


Below are the current rankings for Kenyatta’s top keywords in July 2020.


Since SEO provides long term results, their cost per lead continues to go down every month.

With 176 people per month and roughly 15 leads per month their online conversion rate is about 19%.

Kenyatta is currently booked for the next 2 months as of July 2020!

We only work with 1 counselor per region/city as to avoid conflict of interest. This is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

“I hired JP Marketing over a year ago, and they have done wonders with SEO and helping to market my counseling business. They provide excellent customer service and are very quick to respond to all my emails. I have received a lot of positive feedback on my website design. I would recommend this company!”

 - Kenyatta Black of Kenyatta Black, LPC