How COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Can Affect Your SEO

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By now (3/31/2020) you’ve already been aware of the coronavirus and how it has been affecting people as well as businesses. As businesses struggle to keep their doors open and cover their overhead costs, we have notice many businesses cutting back on many expenses in order to “go lean”. While it is good to cut back on costs as much as possible, it is also important to remain rational and not let fears negatively impact all of the hard work you’ve put into building your brand and business. Google

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There are some companies that have started shutting down their websites and cutting back on paid advertising. At times, some of these decisions can do more harm than good. If you are running an online marketing campaign, talk with the company, agency or consultant you work with to see what your best options are. At times, reducing your budget temporarily is okay but stopping everything dead in it’s track can backfire and cost you more money in the long run.

How To Update Your SEO According to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

If you are running an SEO campaign and are able to continue as planned, that is good. Most of you that are running high level SEO campaigns with a consultant or agency already understand that SEO is a long-term marketing solution, so any change you make today in pulling back funds or adding more, won’t make a different in the current week or month. There are however, some of you which may have been planning a high level SEO campaign which may need to be put on hold. For example, sponsorship and scholarship campaigns.

If you are a company that did not plan our your SEO strategy properly or budget the way you should have, then you may be facing a difficult choice. Do we turn off our SEO completely? Or reduce our budget to get by ?

Of course, as an SEO consultant I will want you to continue SEO. If you stop you already know the upside. You save some money. Do you know the down side though? The momentum you were building can stop. SEO results are like investing in your SEP or Roth, it has compounding results. The longer you do it, the better. It’s not about how much you put into it every month, it’s about how consistent you stay. For this reason, I say that if you must, then you can reduce your SEO budget.

How Do You Reduce Your SEO Budget?

Depending on how you work with: Company VS Consultant, you will have different options. Hopefully, your SEO provider is flexible. If your consultant charges you hourly, you can request less hours or 0 hours for the month. You can ask him how you can continue on a lower budget and he or she can recommend the best options for your needs. If you’re working with a company/agency, you can request less services. For example, less content built out or less outreach done for the month.

Reducing your budget vs removing your budget is better because if you were building momentum, you can may still feel a slowdown but not as much. The worst time to stop your website management is when something like this happened because what if your website goes down? Then if you lose your rankings, by the time you’re ready to open your doors again, you may be behind your competition.

How Can Companies Make it Through COVID-19

Some companies will shut down due to this. I won’t sugar coat it. There are companies that will be devastated and unable to recover due to the coronavirus. For those companies, whether they are local or national, we should do our best to support them. There are ways you can support companies that are doing their best to adapt to this situation.

What Can Restaurants Do?

Restaurants have started beefing up their websites. Since they no longer have walk in traffic, we have seen our clients push heavily on their website for to go and delivery services. I work with my restaurant clients outside of just SEO. You can sign up for ubereats, favor etc, whatever you need to to in order to get food to a customer.

What Can Private Practices Do?

I work with many private practices such as financial advisors, lawyers, counselors etc. For the ones that are trying to make the best of this situation, I have helped many of them switch to other methods of communication. You can communicate for video chat, text message, phones etc. You don’t need to go to a networking event or conference to gain new clients. You can use SEO to drive people to your traffic and assist them virtuallly.

What can retail stores do?

This is one of the hardest hit niches among our clients. For most of them we have helped them start creating a brand online and build up the e-commerce side of their business. Due to a good number of followers and proper branding, some companies will be able to continue some of their sales online. While this does not completely make up for all of their lost revenue, it is a way to build another source of income which can continue after things go back to normal.

What to do About Your Marketing During Coronavirus (Covid-19)

There is no right or wrong answer at this time. As a business owner, you know your businesses best. While certain types of marketing can be turned off such as paid advertising or radio marketing, I urge people to think twice before turning off their websites and SEO campaigns. Once again, Google themselves are warning people to be careful and make turning off your campaign a last resort. This is a tough time and while many people and businesses will be affected, it’s important to remember that we will make it through and come out stronger and more prepared for obstacles than ever before.

Good luck to all.


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