How Long Does SEO Take?

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Today SEO is increasingly driven by natural language search, which means that people are searching by asking normal questions rather than inputting two or three keywords.

While there are many questions about SEO, the most difficult to answer is “How long will it take?”

The reason for this is that in addition to all the variables that play crucial a role in the optimization of your website, you also need to evaluate the same variables in your competitors’ website.

The three main criteria’s; competition, inbound links, and content, play a significant role in deciding how long your SEO will take.


It will take longer to get the results if you have more competing webpages. Both the difficulty and time required generally follows a bell curve, wherein the webpages ranked lower get outranked much easily, but it becomes more difficult and takes much longer to outrank the webpages as you get closer to the first page.

Inbound Links

Links continue to play a major role in SEO, but how long it takes for them to make an impact depends on several other factors.

The first and foremost is the number of links to your website. As a thumb rule, higher the links, faster you are likely to achieve SEO success.

If you follow the link building guidelines laid down by Google, then it should happen naturally.


How quickly you see the results is also dependant on the content you publish on your website. One thing you should always remember is that the quality of the content matters a lot.

In fact, there is no minimum or even ideal length; the content simply needs to be long enough to solve the customer’s problem.

There is a myth that you should publish new content slowly, but if you have a great content ready to go, then there is no reason to hold back. The sooner it is out, the faster it will positively impact your ranking.

From the Horse’s (Google’s) Mouth

One needs to invest several months to a year before you can see the results from your SEO efforts. According to a study, only 5.7 percent of all newly published pages get to Google’s top 10 within a year.  


SEO is a long term marketing tactic, and should not be seen as a way to generate immediate sales. You cannot accurately predict when you will achieve the top ranking for a particular keyword or topic. However, you can make a highly educated guess based on the variables discussed above.

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