Jamal Parpia

Jamal Parpia – SEO Consultant

Jamal Parpia is the SEO as well as the CEO of JP Marketing Company, LLC. Jamal started doing SEO in 2009. He first worked within e-commerce companies as an SEO consultant and by 2012 started shifting towards service based businesses. After consulting for various SEO agencies he realized that there was a big lack of education on the client side. Often times, the companies or sales teams would not set proper expectations or keep up-to-date with the latest SEO strategies and clients would be left feeling that SEO was the problem when really it was the planning and execution. After gaining 10 years of experience in SEO, project management, client relations, Jamal started JP Marketing.

Industries Serviced:

Auto Repair (Case Study Coming Soon)
Banquet Halls (Case Study Coming Soon)
Chiropractors(Case Study Coming Soon)
Counselors ( Down Case Study PDF)
Day Cares(Case Study Coming Soon)
Dentists(Case Study Coming Soon)
Home Improvement(Case Study Coming Soon)
Hospitals(Case Study Coming Soon)
Hunting Ranches(Case Study Coming Soon)
Jewelers(Case Study Coming Soon)
Law Firms(Case Study Coming Soon)
Plumbers(Case Study Coming Soon)
Political(Case Study Coming Soon)
Restaurants(Case Study Coming Soon)
Retail(Case Study Coming Soon)
Salons(Case Study Coming Soon)
Schools(Case Study Coming Soon)

SEO Consultant in Dallas Serving all of USA

While Jamal is an SEO consultant in Dallas, Texas, he services many clients around the US. To set up a meeting with Jamal for an SEO consultation about your website or needs, feel free to call or text 16-717-9179 at any time or email him directly at: Jamal@JPMarketing.co. You can also get a free SEO audit online.