Jamal Parpia

About Jamal Parpia

My name is Jamal Parpia. JP Marketing is a consulting firm I started to help people rank higher on Google and gain more exposure for their business, hobby, non-profit etc. I did not always know I would end up an SEO consultant. I started off writing a book in high school and after I failed miserably at promoting it, one of my bosses at the time told me about “websites” and how I can use them to get in front of many people at a low cost. Luckily for me, at the time SEO was very content heavy (it still is) and as a writer, it was easy for me to put together countless pages of content on a topic I was interested in.

Over the years while I was in school and working odd jobs, I’d start random little websites in niches which intrigued me. I’ve written and ranked sites for EDM festivals, Nootropics, Cryotherapy, Law, Medicine, Poetry, Titanium Nails (yes titanium nails) and much more. The goal behind me launching all of these little websites was to test different SEO strategies. At times my new ideas back fired and cost me many months of planning.

Eventually, I started to find the patterns and saw what worked and what didn’t. All it came down to was quality and consistency. Google wants to rank only those people that provide the best quality. The better your website and your service/product, the more people will talk about you, promote you and push you to the top.

I built up my portfolio to get my first SEO job and after jumping between a few agencies I realized it wasn’t for me. When you build an agency and as you try to scale up and become more efficient, it decreases the value of the service. It takes away from the customization really needed to run a cost effective, proper SEO campaign. Efficiency can hurt quality. For this reason I decided that in order to run an SEO campaign my way (since every SEO has a different way) I’d have to start freelancing.

To avoid turning into an agency with packages, set prices and cookie cutter SEO plans, I decided that building a client base was much like SEO & back links. Quality was much more important than quantity. For that reason, I can not work with everyone. I will work with you if I feel I can bring you value. My goal is not to build a company of 500+ accounts. My goal is to build a portfolio of clients that I can grow with.

Local SEO Consultanting

I am based out of Dallas, Texas but serve all of North America. I specialize in local SEO marketing. While I can still consult in national SEO marketing, it depends on the niche and service or products you are trying to promote. Not every company is the same and for that reason, not every company has the same benefit from SEO. At times, SEO may not be right for you. Instead you may want to look at social media or traditional marketing methods.

SEO Experience

I’ve been doing SEO since 2009. I’ve been through Distilled, Google Analytics Certifications, Google Adwords Certifications, Yelp Certifications, Yext Certifications, the list goes on. If you really want to know what I’ve done just Google ” Jamal Parpia” and you’ll find my name connected to various sites. Mainly lawyer sites since lawyer SEO is something which excites me.