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Back links have been chased down since the beginning of time. Well, since the beginning of Google at least. What are back links and why do people care about them? A back links is when a third-party website links back to your website. An example of this is when you create a page for your business on Yellow Pages and they have a link which says “visit website”. This links which connects to your website is called a back link. *We also offer link building as a service for our white label SEO partners.

Why are back links important?

There are many sites out there that can rank with out back links but the reason people are always looking to build as many as they can is because the more back links you have, or the more people that are promoting or referencing your website, the more domain authority you gain and the higher you rank. Build back links can be a chore though and if you find something that seems too good to be true, it usually it.

Types of Back Links

There are a few different types of back links. You’ll find some listed below:

  • Citations/Directory – Getting listed on a directory is one of the easiest ways to start building your back links profiles. Directories are websites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Manta, White Pages etc. These links help local companies by informing Google of where you are located.
  • Social Profiles – Google can detect social signals. So it is important to create profiles and be active on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. There are hundreds of social profiles websites out there for you to create depending on your niche.
  • Guest Posts – A guest post if when a third-party blogging website such as Forbes or Seeking Alpha publishes your blog on their website and gives you credit. This allows you to contribute valuable information to another platform while also receiving a “back link” when your name is mentioned. You should never “pay” to be listed anywhere. It’ll get you penalized since it’s against Google guidelines. You should instead aim to provide useful content people can post on their websites.
  • .EDU – You can receive back links from schools and universities. To find out how, reach out to me and I’ll let you know. This doesn’t work for all niches but can be quite beneficial for others.
  • .Gov – Getting a .gov link is like the holy grail of back links. While it extremely difficult to obtain, once you do it shows Google you are a well known company.
  • Sponsorship – You can sponsor local events and at times they may put a link to your website on their sponsors page. Again, do not ask them for a link. This is more of a “giving back to the community” approach where you help local clubs or organization and at times they may be nice enough to mention you on the website.
  • Press Releases – Press Releases used to be used to create hundreds of back links instantly until Google caught on. Now we only recommed using them when you actually have valid news to share. Even then, we usually “no index” the back links to ensure we don’t get our clients penalized.

There are many more types of back links, but these are the main ones we focus on.

What not to do when building back links

We do not advise black hat SEO. This usually happens when you try to cheat your way into getting more backlinks. If you see someone selling you 1000000 backlinks for $5, you should run away. If it was that easy to build back links wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

You should not try to spam and build out a million back links over night. You need to build out links naturally. So if you have a new website and your competitor has 200 back links. Sorry, it’ll probably take you 2-3 years to catch up to them the right way. SEO is a long-term marketing plan.

Aiming to be the best Dallas SEO company, my job is to educate you. My biggest obstacle with clients has making them understand the value of building quality back links. They’ll always say “how many back links did we build this month?” when really, SEO is not about how many back links you build, it’s about how useful your site is to others.

To learn more about building back links or back links techniques, email or call me for a free consultation.