Medical Malpractice Lawyer SEO

If you are looking for SEO for medical malpractice lawyers then you have come to the right spot. I have worked with many medmal attorneys over the years and come to learn 1 important thing. SEO for medical malpractice attorneys is the best online marketing investment you can make. The medmal lawyers I have worked with were often 1-2 person law firms looking to grow their practice. After 2-3 years of SEO, their practice grew more than they could have imagined.

Experienced SEO Consultant for Medical Malpractice Lawyers

I have worked with many of the top SEO companies for medical malpractice lawyers. You can simply Google my resume to find out more about where I worked. Over the years I learned that while many of these lawyer seo companies provide great services, they can often times charge an arm and a leg for a quality service since their overhead costs are so high. I on the other hand, have a small office and a team of 5 people and we only focus on medical malpractice lawyer SEO.

This means that over the years we have perfected an SEO strategy for medical malpractice law firms that are looking for long-term online growth.

SEO Strategy for Medical Malpractice Law Firms

While many consultants and companies require you to sign up or request a free consultation, we give you advice for free from the get go. You can review some of the blogs on my website to see what you can start doing for free today to start getting more exposure. Since marketing for lawyers is extremely competitive, I highly recommend you do your research before working with an SEO company or SEO consultant for lawyers.

There are a few things to remember when you are putting together an SEO strategy for your medical malpractice firm.

  1. Invest in A Great Website – You can not win in SEO if you do not have a fast, clean and mobile-friendly website. If you are still using a website from 2010, it is time for an upgrade. DO NOT USE WIX, SQUARESPACE OR ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE FREE/CHEAP WEBSITES.
  2. Invest in Great Content – You can not rank high on Google these days unless you have stellar content. Content will be your biggest investment for SEO.
  3. Sign up For Lawyer Associations – Justia, Norml, Avvo, these are all lawyer groups that you should join. They are an authority in the space and links from them can give you a big boost.
  4. Set up Google My Business & Bing Maps – People often forget about Bing. Make sure you show up on every map possible.
  5. Don’t Cut Corners – Do not try to build 1000 links over night. Do not try to copy and paste content from other websites. Do not try to target 20 cities when you only have 1 location.

Google wants to see that you are providing valuable information on your website if they will rank you. SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. If you are a new law firm just starting off, it’ll take you at least 12-18 months to start seeing good results. If you are an established law firm, you may start seeing results in as quick as 9-12 months.

Contact me if you are a medical malpractice lawyer looking for an SEO Consultant

I am an SEO consultant in Dallas with more than 10+ years of experience in the legal field. I have worked done SEO for personal injury lawyers, criminal lawyers, contract attorney and much more. I do not put you onto a cookie cutter SEO plan. I work with you and your team to create a custom SEO lawyer plan which will help you get more exposure, more leads, more revenue and keep you wanting to work with me for many years.

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