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What is Schema Code?

Schema markup is a type of coding that you may add to your website to assist search engines provide more useful results to consumers. The schema markup is in your website’s HTML code. When search engines crawl your website and find this data, they neatly format it into the rich snippet that appears in search results.

Why is Schema Important?

Schema markup improves your website’s search engine rankings for a variety of content categories. Companies who employ schema markup/codes will rank higher in the SERPs than those that do not. According to one research, websites that use schema markup rank four spots higher in the SERPs than those that don’t. While it’s not entirely apparent that the better result is attributable only to the markup, there is clearly a link. Millions of websites are still losing out on a major source of SEO potential. You’ll have an advantage over the bulk of your competitors if you employ schema markup.


Product schema markup is a type of code that is integrated in your website. It’s your product’s structured data that appears alongside it in search results. Its goal is to assist search engines in providing users with better results.


Review Metadata, also known as schema, aids search engines in comprehending webpage data in an organized way, allowing them to deliver appropriate result material to end-users based on search queries.

Info box

An info box is a fixed-format table that is generally put to the upper right-hand corner of articles to give a summary of some unifying element that the articles share and to aid navigation to other linked articles.

FAQ Section

When you have a Frequently Asked Questions page or a product page with frequently asked questions regarding the product itself; you should utilize the FAQ section schema.

FAQ about schema codes

What does a schema code do for a website?

A schema is a type of microdata that helps search engines better understand and serve your unique content. Your site’s HTML code has the schema markup. When search engines crawl your site and discover this information, they structure it into a rich snippet that appears in search results.

What are the benefits of Adding FAQ Schema?

Winning FAQ rich snippets is helpful since it increases your website’s overall visibility by taking up more space on search engine results pages and giving people a way to engage with you.