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JP Marketing is an SEO company based in Dallas, Texas which consist of a specialized team. Since we only offer SEO services, our team is built around being able to run successful search engine optimization campaigns in an efficient and cost effective manner. Due to our ability to offer a custom tailored marketing plan to each of our clients, we are able to create SEO plans for every need. Whether you are a lawyer in Miami looking for more clients or a social media agency looking for white label SEO services, we are able to cater to every industry.

Each SEO solutions we come up with for our clients is different. Even if we are working with 2 dentists or 3 lawyers, each of their websites will be different. Each client has their own SEO plan which is built around their goals. Working with multiple clients within an niche helps us create custom core SEO plan for each niche we service. However, at times we may limit how many clients we take on per city based on the industry as to not create competition within our own client base.

SEO Services We Offer

In order to run a proper SEO campaign we offer many service such as web design, social media management, Google Paid ads, email and more but below you’ll find our main services.

On Page SEO Services

Internal linking, Title tags, page speed, redirects, schema tags, all technical SEO.

White Label

We also partner with other online marketing agency to provide their clients with steller SEO services.


Create valuable partnerships with local or national organizations to increase your website reputation.

Content Creation

We create valuable content to help your users and your rankings.

Local Awareness

Get listed on 300+ local directories such as Yelp & Yellow Pages.

Brand Awareness

Exposure your site to 100+ social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Why Work with Us?

We understand that SEO can be confusing for those that are new to it. If you are experienced in SEO then all you need to know is that, all we do, is SEO.

We do our best to provide you with the best quality work based on the budget we have available. For those that are new to SEO, we do our best to educate you about what we do so you are not left in the dark. We have worked hard over the years to put together a team which specializes in a very specific type of marketing.

SEO may not be for every company. This is why we need to assess your company and goals before we can work with you. No two companies are the same and therefor no two SEO plans we provide are the same. Even when we provide white-label SEO services to our partners, it is always different from one company to the next.

When you choose to work with an SEO company in Dallas or anywhere in the USA, you need to ensure that the SEO consultants themselves are the ones with experience. Don’t just look at how long the company has been around, look at how long their consultant has been doing SEO.

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10+ Years of SEO Experience


Jamal started doing SEO in 2007. He worked with companies various local and national companies as an SEO manager and analyst. After seeing most SEO companies use cookie-cutter plans, he saw an opportunity and in July of 2017 he decided to branch off and start his own boutique SEO company which only offers custom tailored SEO campaigns.


JP Marketing was launched with a small team of 3 people to be able to assist local businesses with SEO. The 3 people were, Jamal (SEO consultant), Vijay(web developer) & Joy (content & outreach specialist).


Through our online marketing efforts and referrals sent from many of our wonderful existing clients, JP Marketing was able to grow their team to 10 people and start taking on bigger projects which required higher level campaigns and more resources.


JP Marketing partnered with various companies around the nation such as Central Station Marketing, Transco Labs, Mack Capital and more which allowed us to once again, grow our team and build our portfolio. Learn about our white-label program.


JP Marketing released their white-label platform to allow other marketing agencies to provide JP Marketing SEO services to their own clients.


With over 10 team members, 5 partners and 60+ accounts, JP Marketing launched their client portal and mobile app. We believe in 100% transparency and require good communication from all of our clients as well. This app is now open to our white label partners.

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